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Hu tieu bot loc – flavor of delta

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Hu tieu bot loc – flavor of delta

Hu tieu bot loc – flavor of delta

Bun, hu tieu (noodles) or banh trang (rice paper ), banh tet (glutinous cake mixed with green bean paste and pork) and banh u (rice dumpling) as well as other dozens of cakes are made from rice from the Mekong Delta.


Visiting Can Tho City, tourists not only have a chance to enjoy many specialties but also to witness how to make these cakes, in which hu tieu bot loc (noodle) in Rau Ram Canal at the end of Cai Rang Floating Market is a good experience.

To make it different from other hu tieu in other regions, hu tieu bot lot was born from unique secrets handed down from generations in the water land which has now become an attractive craft village in Can Tho City.

To make the hu tieu strings tough, you have to soak rice in water for about an hour then put them in the grinder. The ground rice powder will be covered by fabric bags and burdened by some rocks for about a half an hour. The powder is put in the blender and mixed with extract water from giang tree for 30 minutes.

The powder is then put in a pot for a day to deposit the sediment. Makers will choose the starch to be put in the blender to mix with wheat flour.

After baking the flower in fire into paper cakes, you will dry them under the sunlight for about 30 minutes. The cakes will then be applied an oil layers.

The cakes will be sliced into strings called hu tieu. Tourists can enjoy many dishes made of hu tieu in Can Tho such as hu tieu soup with chicken, steamed hu tieu with pork or fried hu tieu with shrimps.


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