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Da Mi in my heart

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Da Mi in my heart

Da Mi in my heart

Mist is still covered on the lake
Clouds is still wandering the mountains
There is a lonely boat is waiting ...
That boat is still awaiting someone

About the new song.

Go through the winding mountain pass road, clouds spread across the mountainside. The large hydropower dams, towering as you stop the flow of water, creating energy, lighting for life. The more grateful for the workers lived with the jungle day and night helping to put the light on all over the country.

Silence watching the Da Mi hydropower reservoirs in the jungle shadows, as the afternoon mist covered the lake. Suddenly think of him, the workers had lost, leaving his body on the hydropower projects across the country.

On the occasion of the visit of the HCM City Music Associations, at the invitation of the company DHD, visiting the Ham Thuan hydropower and Da Mi hydropower, Dong Nai 3,  Dong Nai 4 hydropower dams (in May / 2011)

Nhạc và lời : Phạm Tùng
Trình bày : Cúc Vàng


Author: Phạm Tùng

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